Friday, December 11, 2009


And just like that it's almost Saturday again, unbelievable! So my life has been pretty much the same lately, classes, projects, and other mundane stuff. Wednesday's Glee finale was so great! I couldn't believe it. Thursday night my friend walked thru the blizzard to come enjoy the quality shows that always grace my television screen.

Today I woke up super early and went to watch the design presentation for Senior Design and get a glimpse of my life next semester. The outlook is bleak at best, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

I bet you're wondering about the Silversun Pickups title song today. No? Not really? Well I'll tell you anyway, today Kaitlyn and I bought our tickets for MUSE ft. SILVERSUN PICKUPS in March! I wasn't going to buy tickets because I'm so broke, but let's face it... being debt free is for squares. So that means I am attending 3 concerts in 2 weeks:

3/13: Muse, Silversun Pickups
3/17: Bon Jovi, Dashboard Confessionals
3/27: Tegan and Sara (I'm most excited about this one!!!)

Not to mention that the 7th is one roommates birthday as well as Spring Break and the 15th is another roommates birthday. Those few weeks should be umm... interesting? To say the least. Tonight was fun, we had a mini Russia reunion and Olga made a full on Russian dinner, it was delicious. We planned on only staying for a little bit but ended up staying from 6:30-11:00 just laughing and telling stories about our trip. Olga brought me back some Stalin Vodka and I am so pumped to drink it.

The dinner made me realize how much I miss Russia, I seriously want to go back right now. If I could I would move and work there right after graduating. It's just a different kind of life... I'd really live anywhere that I want backpacking (except Milan... that place was straight up shady). Anyways, I'm sitting here not studying like I should be watching Reno 911! on DVD... I wish I had season 5 and 6 but no one will get them for me, maybe I'll switch over to Freaks and Geeks. Oh ALSO! Less than one week until the wedding so pumped!


Brent said...

AMAZING comic. Love it. lol'd at what you said about Milan. My friend said the same thing. I think he got pick-pocketed there. I'm excited about SSPU for you... and in addition, MUSE?!?! GREATEST COMBO EVER.

Jenni said...

I read your tweet about the senior projects - although it seems overwhelming, don't you worry, I'm guessing it will be easier when you are actually doing it. I know my senior paper was (I went to business school so it was a paper not a project).

Sounds like you've got a lot of fun things planned in the future, concerts and birthdays and the such. Have a great time :) Enjoy the college life while you can sista!

Mr O said...

Here's hoping you can somehow remember March 2010 after it has come and gone

Lola Lakely said...

I am going to MUSE too! March 5th Madison Square Garden. FLOOR SEATS!!! I can't believe it- I'm so excited My friends got them on presale so we paid only about 7t5 per ticket and did I mention I am sitting on the FLOOR??? Oh Matthew Bellamy I heart you.