Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pulp Fiction

Holy Bejeezus I'm terrible at blogging on a regular basis! It's been a great week (eek!), I've had a great time, watched I Can Do Bad All By Myself with Allyssa and Tay, went to a friends for a party and lost my flask. Don't worry though, he found it the next day... in the oven. The next night I hosted a birthday party for my friend, and attempted to set her up with a friend from high school (spoiler alert: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED) haha.

A huge group of us (12 in total) went to see The Lovely Bones on Monday since we didn't have class (MLK day). It was not the worst book adaptation ever (that'd be Twilight), but it was a little longer than necessary. Stanley Tucci though definitely earned my respect, he was the creepiest creeper ever. I also got the new Motion City Soundtrack album "My Dinosaur Life" and it's a major WIN, I love it so much. How much you ask? The title track of this blog came from it!

I got the position of Project Manager for senior design (we had to interview) and completely lucked out on the team draft so I'm actually pretty excited for senior design. Other than that it's just been basketball games, and homework. I drove home for a quick trip to Paw Paw to see my mother and then ended up making an unplanned trip to the bar last night that was really fun.

Today we had our first intramural basketball game, we started off strong and ended up losing in overtime. Sad, but it was good to actually run and whatnot, I would have liked to do better personally but I can't wait until next week. I'd like to fast forward through the soreness tomorrow though ugh.

How was everyone else's week? Did you guys watch Conan's final episode? Such a classy dude. Anyone seen Legion? We were thinking about going to it, but I've gotten mixed reviews.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Feel It In My Bones

So many times this week I have wanted to blog if only to put this song as the title and nothing more. Tiesto has been on my radar for a few years, but this song with Tegan and Sara brought him front and center. I could listen to it over and over, in fact, I have listened to it over and over. So great, listen now!!

My first week of classes is over and it has been such a long week, I think I owe this to the nature of my schedule. I have classes everyday (pretty odd for me) and on Tuesday and Thursday I have 6 hours between classes). I had homework on the first day (Really?! I mean come on!) and have a ton of reading on deck for the weekend. Luckily it's MLK day on Monday so I have no class.

This week was a pretty awesome Twitter week (I'm a total nerd, if you haven't realized that already) I don't know if any of you have read "Please Excuse My Daughter" if you haven't you should, anyways, I mentioned the book in a Tweet and the author @replied me and has since done so several times. It's so great when people are famous and cool like that.

Is anyone else extremely upset by this Leno/Conan debacle? I remember how excited I was Conan was getting the Tonight Show and I was under the impression it was going well, apparently not. Now Conan is getting the boot because Leno wants it back? Leno isn't as funny, the only good parts about his show are the newspaper mistakes (which I'm sure he doesn't find) and the interviews (which are funny because of the dummies he interviews, not him.) Conan on the other hand just has a way with people and is just GREAT. I'm also upset that this is taking up so much attention when a bigger issue like the disaster in Haiti is happening. Anyways, that's my rant, in a nutshell: Leno is being very shifty right now.

I have been getting so much blog love lately, but I have also been doing a terrible job keeping track of it, so I'd like to thank everyone who has given me an award or shout out recently and apologize for being unorganized. And if you haven't already, go check out Mr. O's recent posts he's been doing some awesome album related posts and as unhappy as I am that Paramore didn't make his cut I'm gonna let it slide. WATCH OUT! Comic coming your way, have a great weekend everyone!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy Birthday

This video almost fits perfectly... other than the fact that I turned 22, if you're wondering where I've been I'm about to let you know, but first, sorry about the absence.

So let's see where did I leave off... my EGB Top Ten Lists went off without a hitch, Yay! I definitely caught a cold from all the family time so I spent several days just sleeping and reading trying to get over it. Amidst the rest and reading I went to see a few movies with my mom. I saw Precious (super depressing, but good), bought Glee on DVD (at midnight, made them get it out of the box, I'm such a Gleek!), went to It's Complicated (Pretty entertaining, Meryl Streep is almost too amazing). Once I got over my cold I packed up my stuff and headed back to school, as you know my car was broken so I drove my moms car.

I hung out with a few friends on the 30th just a very chill night overall, I spent the rest of the day doing chores and whatnot until my roommate got here and we braved the frigid weather to walk to a few parties. Courtney and I went through a couple (read: 4 bottles) of champagne throughout the night. Needless to say we were feeling good, after a quick trip to McDonalds and Courtney falling in the parking lot we were back in bed and passed out after a successful New Year!

Surprisingly I did not feel nearly as bad as I'd expected, regardless I spent the next day doing nothing, just watching tv and recouping. My friend Carly stopped by on the 2nd and stayed until the 5th. We spent all of the 2nd, 3rd, and most of the 4th watching How I Met Your Mother. She wanted to get into it and I had the DVDs... that show honestly never gets old. So funny. We didn't make it to bed before 6 a.m. either night, just stayed up talking (mostly about the genetic make-up of humans vs. wizards and vampires). Good times nonetheless.

My roommates came back on the 4th and a bunch of us went out to Los Tres for my birthday dinner. Los Tres is the place to go because they give you a shot of tequila to get your night started off right haha (also it's less than 100 yards away). We all headed back to the apartment and a few more people came and we spent the rest of the night celebrating me successfully surviving 22 years. I got some awesome gifts; a new slouchy hat, a picture frame with a bunch of pictures, some Russian Standard Vodka, etc. We just played card games, beer pong, drinko and whatnot well into the night. Most people headed to bed around 2 or 3 but a few of us were playing beer pong until 5. You're probably wondering how I'm alive... I am too! I woke up at 11:30 feeling mostly fine except for the huge unexplained bruise on my arm.

I packed up my things again and headed back to Paw Paw to spend some more time with mi madre. When I got home my grandma told me to come to town with her so I did and SURPRISE new car for Jeanette! My mom got me a 2002 Chevy Trailblazer that I have named Gustave. I have to pay her back eventually but only when I can so I will be working on that haha.

I spent the rest of my time at home getting it tuned up and getting a new stereo put in (so legit). I couldn't believe it, no one believes me but my mom really is the best mom ever! While at home I also discovered the new Beefy 5 Layer Burrito at Taco Bell and it is AMAZING. I ate so many of them this week, I should run or something. I also fell twice on the ice, when I fell off the porch was the one that really hurt. Stupid Michigan weather.

Nothing else really to report, all my shenanigans are documented on my facebook at the link in the top navigation bar up there. I didn't really do much else other than go see Avatar again (still great) and hang out with some friends. It seems with how little I did I would've updated before now haha. Thanks for sticking in there!