Friday, January 15, 2010

Feel It In My Bones

So many times this week I have wanted to blog if only to put this song as the title and nothing more. Tiesto has been on my radar for a few years, but this song with Tegan and Sara brought him front and center. I could listen to it over and over, in fact, I have listened to it over and over. So great, listen now!!

My first week of classes is over and it has been such a long week, I think I owe this to the nature of my schedule. I have classes everyday (pretty odd for me) and on Tuesday and Thursday I have 6 hours between classes). I had homework on the first day (Really?! I mean come on!) and have a ton of reading on deck for the weekend. Luckily it's MLK day on Monday so I have no class.

This week was a pretty awesome Twitter week (I'm a total nerd, if you haven't realized that already) I don't know if any of you have read "Please Excuse My Daughter" if you haven't you should, anyways, I mentioned the book in a Tweet and the author @replied me and has since done so several times. It's so great when people are famous and cool like that.

Is anyone else extremely upset by this Leno/Conan debacle? I remember how excited I was Conan was getting the Tonight Show and I was under the impression it was going well, apparently not. Now Conan is getting the boot because Leno wants it back? Leno isn't as funny, the only good parts about his show are the newspaper mistakes (which I'm sure he doesn't find) and the interviews (which are funny because of the dummies he interviews, not him.) Conan on the other hand just has a way with people and is just GREAT. I'm also upset that this is taking up so much attention when a bigger issue like the disaster in Haiti is happening. Anyways, that's my rant, in a nutshell: Leno is being very shifty right now.

I have been getting so much blog love lately, but I have also been doing a terrible job keeping track of it, so I'd like to thank everyone who has given me an award or shout out recently and apologize for being unorganized. And if you haven't already, go check out Mr. O's recent posts he's been doing some awesome album related posts and as unhappy as I am that Paramore didn't make his cut I'm gonna let it slide. WATCH OUT! Comic coming your way, have a great weekend everyone!


Mr O said...

thanks for letting it slide and that we can still be friend. And thanks for sending someone over to my blog!

I am on Team Conan. Which sounds much more manlier than he really is, haha.

That comic was great.

Also, I don't know much about Tiesto. Except that he did a remix for the second Pirates movie. But he also did an Imogen Heap remix. You have probably heard it, but just in case you haven't, (or your readers would like to see it):

Jenni said...

That is so cool about the twitter shout out. It is awesome when famous people (even famous bloggers) personally give you a shout out. So rad!

And yea that whole Leno and Conan debacle, I'm already so sick of hearing about it. Blah - seriously NBC, keep your men in check.

Lola Lakely said...

I am EXTREMELY upset about the Jay Leno ganking back his slot. I think Conan is completely right in leaving. If you are interested and haven't, read the statement he prepared:

I'm glad he is getting most of the support out of this.

Better Off Med said...

Team Conan all the way!

Jeanette said...

@Mr.O: I hadn't heard that Imogen Heap remix, it's pretty legit though.

@Jenni: Yeah, I appreciate people more that way, for real, they need a woman in charge.

@Lola: He's such a classy guy, and he's definitely getting the short end of the stick. I wish the best for him.

@Better Off Med: I think he'll win in out in the end, getting off NBC won't stop him.

Nicole Jeannette said...

I saw your blog name and had to comment! Hello fellow blogger :)

Anonymous said...

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