Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pulp Fiction

Holy Bejeezus I'm terrible at blogging on a regular basis! It's been a great week (eek!), I've had a great time, watched I Can Do Bad All By Myself with Allyssa and Tay, went to a friends for a party and lost my flask. Don't worry though, he found it the next day... in the oven. The next night I hosted a birthday party for my friend, and attempted to set her up with a friend from high school (spoiler alert: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED) haha.

A huge group of us (12 in total) went to see The Lovely Bones on Monday since we didn't have class (MLK day). It was not the worst book adaptation ever (that'd be Twilight), but it was a little longer than necessary. Stanley Tucci though definitely earned my respect, he was the creepiest creeper ever. I also got the new Motion City Soundtrack album "My Dinosaur Life" and it's a major WIN, I love it so much. How much you ask? The title track of this blog came from it!

I got the position of Project Manager for senior design (we had to interview) and completely lucked out on the team draft so I'm actually pretty excited for senior design. Other than that it's just been basketball games, and homework. I drove home for a quick trip to Paw Paw to see my mother and then ended up making an unplanned trip to the bar last night that was really fun.

Today we had our first intramural basketball game, we started off strong and ended up losing in overtime. Sad, but it was good to actually run and whatnot, I would have liked to do better personally but I can't wait until next week. I'd like to fast forward through the soreness tomorrow though ugh.

How was everyone else's week? Did you guys watch Conan's final episode? Such a classy dude. Anyone seen Legion? We were thinking about going to it, but I've gotten mixed reviews.


Just Add Walter said...

how does a flask end up in the oven?!? hahaha

Lola Lakely said...

You texted me about the flask in the over. Major win in my book!

Jeanette said...

@Just Add Walter: That is a GREAT question.

@Lola: I can't wait for the post you texted me about earlier.

Lilee▲ said...

nice blog!

Mr O said...

Your right, you have been slacking lately. Bad. But you are also busy, which is fine. But only because I have access to my j benz fix on facebook and twitter. And you had time to catch my show so all is forgiven.

Comic was great and I think it's great that you played match maker!

k. said...

Stanley Tucci gave me nightmares for weeks after seeing that movie!

AND I love MCS. I actually hung out with them 3 years ago backstage for like 3 hours - very cool guys. And they gave me a ton of free shit (drumsticks, t-shirts, etc..) it was amazing. I love the new cd, but "I Am the Movie" will always be my favorite!


Hope you have a great weekend!

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