Saturday, February 20, 2010


So in the time since my last post (it's been a while I know, I know) I got the soundtrack for the new Alice and Wonderland and with the exception of a few songs (I'm talking to you 3OH!3 and Metro Station) it's great, the title song is probably my favorite off of said soundtrack.

Other than that I've been just trying to get all caught up on my seemingly insurmountable pile of homework, I'm also starting my summer co-op at MDoT a little early (as in this coming week (Yay! Money)). I'm not sure how well it's going to go over though, I'm getting back onto my energy drink a day kick, trust me I know it's bad, but coffee just isn't cutting it!

In other news Valentines Day was awesome, my friend Cara came to visit and we had a party were I may or may to have done way to many jello shots. I also got a whole bag of delicious homemade cookies from Jamie. They. Were. Delicious. mmm mmm mmm. Cara and I also went to see Wolfman (cheesy, but entertaining nonetheless) and Valentine's Day (the opposite of entertaining) and spent the day watching Glee and being lazy. So in summary it was a great Valentines Day. On Sunday (aka actually Valentines Day) my mom, aunt and grandma came to take me out to dinner, free food!!

Oh and my blogger friends are totally being awesome this month, like I just said I got cookies from Jaime and Mr.O had a mini-playlist on his radio show inspired by yours truly, and it was a damn good set if I say so myself.

Tegan and Sara "City Girl (acoustic)"
Meg and Dia "Halloween" (title girl of last post)
Paramore "Misguided Ghosts"

Basically they're awesomely awesome.

Has anyone else been watching the Olympics, I've only really watched the snowboarding (Shaun White is the Michael Jordan of snowboarding) and men's figure skating. I was really hoping for a Johnny Weir win but damn, he didn't even medal.

Speaking of watching things, last night a bunch of us went to the midnight showing of Shutter Island and it was AMAZING I don't want to give anything away, but go see it... right now, and then get back to me. As soon as the credits started rolling a kid a few rows back shouted "best fucking movie I've ever seen" and while I wouldn't go that far it was pretty awesome.

Is anyone else looking forward to Spring Break/a vacation as much as I am?! It needs to get here... like RIGHT NOW!

Friday, February 5, 2010


365 days. That's how long Kevin has been gone from this world. 365 days and it still feels unreal, my mind still doesn't want to accept that he's not here making his goofy comments anymore. It's been a year and I still don't know what to say really.

Everyone has spent the last year missing him so much, but at the same time being thankful that we'd been given the chance to know him. Over the year we've all grown so much. It's so weird that even though I think about him everyday things are becoming fuzzy, and I hate it. I want to be able to remember everything; every story I've ever witnessed or heard, every text message and every Facebook message, every time he called me Norah, but I'm losing things. It doesn't help that his Facebook is slowly being deleted by Facebook, it's impossible to see our wall-to-wall or any previous posts. It's sad to think that someone can be taken from your life just like that.

One day I was sitting listening to my iTunes and "Halloween" by Meg & Dia (today's title track) came up on my shuffle for the first time since Kevin's passing. I sat crying and although I was a wreck by the time the song finished I listened to it again, and again, until I physically couldn't cry more. I'm not some sadist, but it was just as much of a happy cry as a sad cry, it got me thinking about the conversations, texts and silly videos he sent me. But mostly it got me thinking about how much he loved Halloween, he loved picking out the perfect unique Halloween costume to surprise everyone with. The song got me thinking about him, about KEVIN, and all that he gave to the world.

If you have lost anyone, click on the title and listen to the song if for nothing more than to just remember them and what they meant to you.

You are missed more than you know Kevin, every single day. RIP

Monday, February 1, 2010

In the Sun

Good evening everyone, I'm Veronica Corningstone, Tits McGee is on vacation.

I'm so excited for the new She & Him album supposedly slated to come out sometime this year. Zooey Deschanel is great, I love her movies and music, win/win. Listen to the title song and join in the fun. How was everyone's week? Mine was pretty good, I'm almost getting adjusted to my class schedule. My week was good, got to listen to not one, but TWO Mr.O radio sessions (got in two requests and two shout outs).

We went to the local comedy club on Wednesday... it was open mic night and it was, ummmm interesting. A few of the acts were funny ("Me and my friends put on the alcoholocaust, we all passed out and woke up with tattoos we didn't want.") but a majority of them were cringe worthy, it was good times nonetheless. I've spent the rest of my time watching Lifetime movies and random Disney shows. Friday night we went on an outing to various bars/house parties, it was nice to get out with Courtney and just have a good time.

Also this weekend I came to the realization that Emma Stone is one of my favorite actresses.

She's right up there with Kat Dennings on actresses I feel like I could relate too. I feel like everyone of her characters has a little bit of my personality. Here's the list of her movies; Superbad, The Rocker, House Bunny, Zombieland, along with a few other but really?!?! If I were to star in movies that'd be the list I want, I'm jealous.

Other than that I've just been getting to the realization that I'm almost done with another "era" of my life, In 6 short months I'll be a college graduate. While I'm excited for the future, I'm nervous at the same time, I'm sure more than a few of you are with me/ or have gone through this. It's just crazy to think that if all went well I will be in California in less than a year. RIDICULOUS.