Saturday, February 20, 2010


So in the time since my last post (it's been a while I know, I know) I got the soundtrack for the new Alice and Wonderland and with the exception of a few songs (I'm talking to you 3OH!3 and Metro Station) it's great, the title song is probably my favorite off of said soundtrack.

Other than that I've been just trying to get all caught up on my seemingly insurmountable pile of homework, I'm also starting my summer co-op at MDoT a little early (as in this coming week (Yay! Money)). I'm not sure how well it's going to go over though, I'm getting back onto my energy drink a day kick, trust me I know it's bad, but coffee just isn't cutting it!

In other news Valentines Day was awesome, my friend Cara came to visit and we had a party were I may or may to have done way to many jello shots. I also got a whole bag of delicious homemade cookies from Jamie. They. Were. Delicious. mmm mmm mmm. Cara and I also went to see Wolfman (cheesy, but entertaining nonetheless) and Valentine's Day (the opposite of entertaining) and spent the day watching Glee and being lazy. So in summary it was a great Valentines Day. On Sunday (aka actually Valentines Day) my mom, aunt and grandma came to take me out to dinner, free food!!

Oh and my blogger friends are totally being awesome this month, like I just said I got cookies from Jaime and Mr.O had a mini-playlist on his radio show inspired by yours truly, and it was a damn good set if I say so myself.

Tegan and Sara "City Girl (acoustic)"
Meg and Dia "Halloween" (title girl of last post)
Paramore "Misguided Ghosts"

Basically they're awesomely awesome.

Has anyone else been watching the Olympics, I've only really watched the snowboarding (Shaun White is the Michael Jordan of snowboarding) and men's figure skating. I was really hoping for a Johnny Weir win but damn, he didn't even medal.

Speaking of watching things, last night a bunch of us went to the midnight showing of Shutter Island and it was AMAZING I don't want to give anything away, but go see it... right now, and then get back to me. As soon as the credits started rolling a kid a few rows back shouted "best fucking movie I've ever seen" and while I wouldn't go that far it was pretty awesome.

Is anyone else looking forward to Spring Break/a vacation as much as I am?! It needs to get here... like RIGHT NOW!


Jenni said...

That's awesome about your internship! Good luck :)

And I really wish I got a Spring Break :( Oh the benefits of being a student.

Brent said...

What an awesome weekend you had. Clearly blows mine out of the water except for watching "Valentine's Day". I laughed at "the opposite of entertaining". Shaun White's like... the God of consistency and delivering under pressure. He's pretty awesome. Not a fan of Weir, but he's an entertaining dude. Gotta see Shutter Island...

Jeanette said...

@Jenni: Thanks, I worked there last summer, so I can do the work, it's the time commitment I'm worried about.

@Brent: haha I'm sure yours was awesome, I mean we're awesome people. And like you said seeing Valentine's Day definitely lowered my weekend a bit. Are you the future Shaun White?! Yeah I just love Weir because he LOVES Russian culture, as do I. So he's good in my book lol.

And yes, for sure see Shutter Island.

Mr O said...

awesomely awesome is the best way to ever be described.

At first, I thought the title track was from All Time Low for the Jennifer's Body soundtrack. Easy to get my soundtrack's confused, but I should never confuse dear Alice.

I'm sort of looking forward to a vacation, but with my family moving I don't really have anywhere to go that I can go in only a week. So I look forward to catching up on Lost. How lame is that?

Those cookies and that comic were both great, and I will have to let you know when Shutter Island FINALLY happens

Anonymous said...

You have got to see this. Obama playing on XBox. Funniest video ever.