Thursday, March 25, 2010

Artbreaker (I)

Where to begin.... oh here's a fun fact. I GOT INTO THE UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA FOR GRAD SCHOOL! It was honestly the last college I expected to to get into, and I had already gotten denied from two colleges. I'm not sure if I'll end up there, I sincerely hope I do, I have to see if I can afford it. I also have two colleges to still hear back from, and it would be a tough choice if one of them offered me money. Then there's my mom, I know she's extremely proud of me, but at the same time I'm her only child and I don't think she is in anyway excited for me to leave. But that's besides the point, right now I'm just going to be happy and celebrate!

Other than this USC news my week has actually been pretty un-fun, I'm so overloaded with school and work. It makes me a little hesitant to go onto more school, but I feel like that's the right path for my future.

Anyways, I had this thought the other day, I want to get your gals/guys thoughts. So once a long time ago a kid I knew moved away and we were talking about missed opportunities and whatnot and he said "one day I'm gonna show up at your doorstep, and then you'll see." Now this never happened but the other day I got to thinking about it. And I know to some people that might sound like a crazy thing to do, but to me, that's like the most romantic thing you could do to someone. I mean, can you imagine! What would your reaction be?!? Does anyone else secretly wish that would happen to them?

What else is new in my life... Our men's team is still in this crazy March Madness tourney, is this year upside down or what. I saw "She's Out of My League" for the second time this week haha and I'm just trying to make it to graduation!

P.S. Warped Tour Pre-sale Starts Tomorrow! Oh yeah... and TEGAN AND SARA in a few days!!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Help I'm Alive

This song, is my jam right now, I listen at least once a day. Seriously, Canada's Indie scene kicks ass, between Tegan and Sara, Metric (Title band) and Jay Baruchel, I'm about to pack up all my things and just get a place in Ontario.

Oh Jay... Jay, Jay, Jay, Jay, Jay... the things I would do.

Anywho, Canada, becoming more and more awesome in my book. But my first order of business, so I decided I needed to be more loyal to my followers (read: I've been sucking hard core lately) so I went through and unfollowed people who didn't follow me... if by chance I accidently stopped following you, or you didn't show up as a public follower PLEASE let me know in the comments, I want to make sure I comment on all your posts if you read through my posts.

So much has happened since my last post. First off I saw Muse, and let me just reiterate that they are so badass, just amazingly badass. The concert was great although, Kaitlyn and I got hit on by a few too many creepers. I don't know if I just have low self esteem (probably) but I really don't "get it" when guys hit on me. I'm not saying I think I'm ugly, but I don't see myself as like some hot girl all the guys want to get with. Other than the guys and the hitting on though the concert was amazing, one of those shows that just overloads all your senses and makes you so... awed.

The rest of the week flew by, between work and classes before I knew it it was St. Patrick's day. I skipped all my classes (Like a boss) and spent the morning helping out my friend Allyssa and her shifty back (herniated disc OUCH!) get around campus. Then my mom came up and took me to the mall... WIN! I got a green pair of Converse, a new jacket, zip up hoodie, and shirt, then I bought some new earrings for my cartilage piercing (all in all a very good day at the mall). After the mall we got on the road to go meet Maria's mom for the Bon Jovi concert. Maria and got our mom's tickets for Christmas, and the show was awesome, albeit long. I was pretty pumped because Dashboard Confessional was the opening band. We were all so exhausted when we got home, but our moms both loved it so SUCCESS!

Since then I've been trying to catch up on sleep and homework. My friend had a wine and cheese party tonight that was just the right combo of chill/fun. We watched the basketball game, played drunken Monopoly and then Taboo (which I've discovered I'm good at). Best question/answer:

Matt: "Ummmm this is something that people watch at night in bed"
Mark and Me: "Porn" (awkward silence) "Not us though... just people...."

I just love it when I have a night that makes me laugh, I go to bed so happy! Tomorrow I think I'm going on a little bike adventure with a few friends and then going to meet JenRem for dinner. HOLLA! Blogger meet-ups! We've been planning it forever and both have been busy so fingers crossed this works out!

I have a solid week of homework ahead of me and then get ready for it... Tegan and Sara next Saturday!!!!!! That totally warranted that many exclamation points, I am so stoked, beyond stoked. I hope all of you had a great St. Paddy's day, what did you all do??

This comic is so me haha. Also a side-note, soon I will get around to posting pictures of all my March shenanigans on Facebook, so if we're friends watch for it, if we're not friends, friend me... right now! What're you waiting for?!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Free Falling

Mr. O has mentioned it before but there is going to be a new "Punk Goes..." album soon, this time it's Punk Goes Classic Rock, and while some of the covers have disastrous potential, this cover of Tom Petty actually turned out FREAKING AWESOME. Aaron Gillespie is one hunky ginger, he's the singer of The Almost and the drummer for Underoath, I mean, talk about being talented. Anyways, click the link and sing along.

I bet you're all wondering how my crazy spur of the moment vacation went, you're in luck, I'm about to let you all in on my week. We made it in Monday night and as planned met THE Lola Lakely for a bite to eat. It could not have gone better, I actually met her through this blog and after dinner my mom was going on and on about how well we got along and how similar we were. It was so much fun, it felt like we had been friends for ages. Seriously guys, she's awesome, follow her. NOW! After dinner my mom and I headed back to the hotel and got to bed relatively early.

Tuesday I had plans with Lauren, a friend from freshman year of college who now lives in New York. We had to meet her at 8 a.m. but got an early start and got to the city around 7. From 7 to 5 we pounded the streets of New York like it was our job, seeing everything we wanted and then some (except for Tina Fey damnit!). Lauren was an awesome tour guide, I gave her our list (and a list of some things Lola said to check out) and she planned it out in her head and we were off! My mom had a great time, she loved every minute of it, especially the dessert at Serendipity. After the exhausting day we ended up meeting a former Miss New Jersey at 7/11 and then calling it another early night.

I'd go into detail about everything we saw, but it would take way too long. We got up early the next morning and then headed out (apparently too quickly because my mom got a ticket for going 17 over in Pennsylvania), and I spent the last few days catching up on sleep and just hanging out with my mom. She actually took me shopping and got me those EasyTone shoes that are supposed to make your butt look good, I'll keep you guys posted on whether or not they're worth the money :)

I actually just wanted to get this post out there to once again thank Lola Lakely and let everyone know that I'm super pumped for the Muse/Silversun Pickups concert tomorrow haha.

Have a great weekend everyone! I think I need to work a little more on being a better follower to some of you, I know that, so look out for me to be a better commenter soon!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Empire State of Mind

I wanted to update this earlier but my Spring Break has been a whirlwind of activity, so I'm updating while sitting in the passenger seat driving in NY (THANKS Technology), but I digress, let's go back to the beginning...

I took my last exam early, Thursday instead of Friday, because of a "conflict" the conflict being that I didn't want to extend the week any longer than it had to go. So I packed up a bag and made an impromptu trip to Cincinnati to visit my friend Ashley, because it's been WAYYYYY too long. Luckily we're a set of people who can instantly pick up where we left off. I wish more than anything that she lived closer, it sucks to think that in less than a year I'm gonna be off who knows where. Anyways, I got there on Friday afternoon, changed and we headed out to Bock Fest. It was celebrating something to do with beer, but it had goats so I was okay with it. We had some sushi then wandered around to different bars. The next day we went to see Alice in Wonderland and just hung out. It was great to catch up and meet some new people. I was also very pleased with Alice in Wonderland as well.

Yesterday I made the 4.5 hour drive back home from Cincy to Paw Paw then the 1.5 hour drive from Paw Paw to East Lansing and around 8 p.m. my mom and I left for New York! I decided to stay in the cold and visit NYC this year with a ton of exciting stuff on the agenda. We actually just left Niagara Falls, we made a little stop there to check it out, they were amazing! Now we're headed to our hotel in New Jersey, I'm gonna do a quick change and go out to dinner with LOLA LAKELY that's right THE Lola Lakely, I'm pumped, should be good times, here's to hoping I don't make a fool of myself haha.

On Tuesday we're heading into the city early and I'm meeting a friend from my freshman year of college who lives in NYC, she's gonna show us around and whatnot, planning on spending the whole day in the city seeing as much as we can. Then Wednesday there's more site seeing and taking in a show (Wicked!!!) then heading back home. Once we get home on Thursday I plan on sleeping 1000 sleeps and then getting some work done... because on Saturday I'm going to see Muse/Silversun Pickups!!!!!

..... Like I said, WHIRLWIND! I'm so excited, and there will be tons 'o pictures on Facebook within the next few weeks when I get some downtime. I hope all your Spring Breaks are just great as well! If you're at the beach, then I'm jealous!

This comic kills me haha, I need to go back to Russia ASAP!

Monday, March 1, 2010


"Does anybody know where February went?
I was hoping that by now it'd be the end of this.
But when you open up a book and read a thousand lines,
but you don't really read you just move your eyes.
And you've got nowhere else to go,
and you're lost within your own home."
--Title song lyrics, check it out

I feel like this year is flying by, but at the same time going slow. Does anyone know what I mean, the weeks are dragging on and on, but we're already halfway done with this semester I mean, next week is spring break, SPRING BREAK I TELL YOU! This week is just ridiculous. I have 3 exams and a quiz. Apparently my one prof thinks it's awesome to give us a quiz today, a test Friday, and a project with presentation due the Monday we get back from break. Really? Reeeallllly??

Anyways, my spring break was looking like it was taking a turn for the worse when plans were falling apart because of timing, but now it seems the opposite is happening. Everything is starting to fall into place for a pretty awesome Spring Break, but more on that in another post. On Saturday I went home trying to surprise my mom for the day and got stuck in a ditch a mile from my house (wahhhh wahhhhhhhh), so it was still a surprise, just not what I was planning on haha. We saw Cop Out and went to lunch it was great, I'm such a momma's girl.

Anyways, mostly this post is to check on you guys! How is everyone?! OOhhh and I've been meaning to ask, since I'm always throwing songs at you guys, what do you recommend for me?

P.S. if you haven't already, follow me on Twitter or friend me on Facebook, I love connecting with all of you!