Monday, March 1, 2010


"Does anybody know where February went?
I was hoping that by now it'd be the end of this.
But when you open up a book and read a thousand lines,
but you don't really read you just move your eyes.
And you've got nowhere else to go,
and you're lost within your own home."
--Title song lyrics, check it out

I feel like this year is flying by, but at the same time going slow. Does anyone know what I mean, the weeks are dragging on and on, but we're already halfway done with this semester I mean, next week is spring break, SPRING BREAK I TELL YOU! This week is just ridiculous. I have 3 exams and a quiz. Apparently my one prof thinks it's awesome to give us a quiz today, a test Friday, and a project with presentation due the Monday we get back from break. Really? Reeeallllly??

Anyways, my spring break was looking like it was taking a turn for the worse when plans were falling apart because of timing, but now it seems the opposite is happening. Everything is starting to fall into place for a pretty awesome Spring Break, but more on that in another post. On Saturday I went home trying to surprise my mom for the day and got stuck in a ditch a mile from my house (wahhhh wahhhhhhhh), so it was still a surprise, just not what I was planning on haha. We saw Cop Out and went to lunch it was great, I'm such a momma's girl.

Anyways, mostly this post is to check on you guys! How is everyone?! OOhhh and I've been meaning to ask, since I'm always throwing songs at you guys, what do you recommend for me?

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____j said...

Usually, I am in your shoes, as far as teachers piling crap on us right when something good [aka a break] is about to happen. I guess I kind of lucked out this semester because 3 of my teachers 'didn't realize' spring break is next week...meaning they had no time to plan harshness. Anyways, good luck with everything you have to do this week. I hope it doesn't stress you out too bad. AND have an awesome spring break. What are your plans?!

Mr O said...

Dammit, I meant to post on this days ago.

When I clicked on Walls, a part of me was hoping it would go to Emery. But I was pleasantly surprised by this song. Another one of those bands that I have heard of, but never heard.

And it's hard to recommend songs to you because you are usually on top of it. But I recently got my Sirius radio back so I can tell you the songs that are in my head right now:

Yeasayer - Ambling Alp
Arctic Monkeys - Crying Lightning
Neon Trees - Animal

and because of an awesome show I just finished, I had to go download The Final Countdown

for the love of pictures said...

Have an amazing Spring Break :) I can't wait to read about your plans. How was Cop Out? I've been hearing so many different things.

Jeanette said...

@_____J: I just want to get paid to do nothing. Dang. And, see the new post coming up soon!

@Mr.O: haha I'll look into some of those, I'm well versed on my Arctic Monkeys, but not the others.

@For the love: Cop Out was ehhh... I love Tracy Morgan, but they were really reaching for a lot of the funny parts. I wanted to like it more than I did.