Friday, April 2, 2010

Days and Days

Listen to the song, do it, just click on it. If not for the Tegan and Sara concert last weekend I would have probably gone crazy, and sadly I don't have another concert to look forward to for a while. For those of you who know me, you are well aware of the shear number of concerts I go to, it's unreal, what's my point you ask? Tegan and Sara was THE best performance I have ever seen. They were so "on" if you know what I mean, a lot of bands perform with tons of energy and don't get me wrong, it's awesome. But Tegan and Sara not only spend a solid 15 minutes just talking to the crowd, they put on 2 hours of perfection.

Regardless of whether or not you like the band or their music, after seeing the concert you can't deny that they are some AMAZING musicians. Good for me, I happen to LOVE them. I have been trying to see T&S since 2000, 10 unsuccessful years culminating in an epic concert. I still remember the first song I heard in late 1999 "This is Everything" I mean, no band has been such a part of my history as them, I just want to get to know them, I find them fascinating. Anyways, what was my point? oh yeah, go see them if you get the chance you won't regret it.

Other than the concert I've been doing nothing but trying to figure out if I can afford USC (it's not looking good folks :( ) My mom is insisting that $100,000 isn't too much debt I keep reminding her that $100,000 is in fact a SHITLOAD of money. I mean, if I really think about it, I feel like USC is where I'm supposed to be... do you know what I mean? But I also don't feel like I'm supposed to go into debt, at least not that much. Also I don't want to spend the next two years having zero extra money. We shall see I suppose, I have to pick by April 15th so that's coming up really fast.

The semester is getting ridiculous, so if I don't blog much, that's why, until April 30th I have a lot to get done. My friend Carey is coming up tonight to hang out, and then tomorrow my friend Carly is coming up to watch the game. If you don't know what game I'm talking about... I'm just talking about MSU basketball being in the FINAL FOUR! Campus is going to get crazy, every year this time, there's usually a mild to crazy riot that I probably enjoy being in a little to much.

So everyone root for MSU on Saturday night! And let's hope I can figure out a way to pay for USC, and don't forget to get your Tegan and Sara on.


Krystal said...

aww that concert sounds AMAZING!! I'm so glad you got to go finally! haha!
and have you looked at scholarship options for usc??

for the love of pictures said...

Glad you had a great time :) Nice song, and hilarious comic!

Enjoy the weekend!

Ana from far away! said...

I gave you an award!

Jeanette said...

@krystal: You would have loved it! Yeah, I looked up some, but they don't offer many to grad students, mostly to pHD students. :(

@For the Love: Thanks, have a great weekend too!

@Ana: Thanks! I'll check it out!

Brent said...

U-S-C! U-S-C!

that right there means a lot. why? because I have a ton of friends in UCLA.

U-S-C! U-S-C!

Mr O said...

I know how it is to constantly look forward to concerts and then have none. It sucks.

I hope fundwise USC works out, cuz that would be awesome.

Jeanette said...

@Brent: So what you're saying is... I should go to USC? hahaha

@Mr. O: It's super depressing, all I have is warped tour and possibly a T&S/Paramore show.

Thanks, I hope it works out too, it'd be pretty great.