Wednesday, June 9, 2010

(30) Days of Me: Day 10 [When You Were Young]

It's Day 10 and you know what that means, a picture of me taken over 10 years ago. And lucky for you, I am an only child so I have pictures galore, so, I'm going to give you 5! Let's do this thing all chronological like.

Oh me? I'm just hanging out with my Jammie Pie, what're you up to? Please note that my clothes are barely staying on, a sign of things to come? Probably, but also just that my mom always bought the size I was supposed to be in and I was a runt.

I look like Michael Cera in this picture haha, also I am pretty sure that's my diaper that's visible... mom hadn't taught me to sit like a lady yet. If I were famous this shot would be all over

Let me begin my 3 part apology for my hair by saying that I think you're all awesome, secondly... just kidding, I rocked that perm for like 2 years. That pose is professional though, check it.

This is when I was well into my tom boy stage that didn't end... until well, ever. I'm still a tom boy. I think I actually had that shirt up until like sophomore year of college, then I left it in a washer.

That cat looks like it wants to get the hell away from me. Bam-bam (my puppy) was pretty content though. Also WHY AM I WEARING A POODLE SKIRT?!?! Was this taken in 1970?!

Anyways, that's me! Hope you enjoy these ridiculous photos as much as I did haha.


Mr O said...

I legitimately laughed hard this morning look at these. Thank you.

And not like "at" you, but at your captions. This is going to start a good day for me.

Ok, there was one pic I laughed at -- the professional pose. That was AWESOME

Allison said...

Your perez comment is fantastic.

I have a million photos too - but I have a brother. We both have a tonne of photos as kids.

The crimped hair one is my favourite.

Mr. O: Your photos better be just as awesome. No pressure...just sayin'

____j said...

i LOVE your hair in the third pic ;)

Krystal said...

these are adorable!
dude, the perm is coming back in to style...

Jeanette said...

@Mr.O: haha It's what I do... the pose that is. haha Glad you enjoyed!

@Allison: haha it's funny because it's true. That hair is ridiculous... why would my mom do that haha! I agree, your photos better be good Mr. O.

@____j: hahah EVERYONE should do their hair like that.

@Krystal: haha the day I see someone in a movie with hair like that is when I believe it lol

Mr O said...

man, got called out on YOUR blog

I might have to dig through some shoe boxes...

Allison said...

I saw yours Mr. O - it's super cute and I approve.