Saturday, June 12, 2010

(30) Days of Me: Day 13 [Booksmart Devil]

Today's subject is a fictional book and since I've already listed Harry Potter I'll go with another book I love: THE BOOK THIEF

"The Book Thief" by Markus Zusak is an amazingly beautiful novel set in Germany during World War II. I don't want to give away any of the plot but I will try to explain why it's so great. First off the book has a very interesting set up, the entire novel is narrated by Death, explaining his thoughts while retrieving souls whose lives were ended by the war. The novel takes you through every emotion; sadness, laughter, relief, and guilt. This gauntlet of emotions is extremely cathartic and left me wanting to reread the book instantly upon finishing. This book is guaranteed to leave it's mark on every reader who picks it up, so go pick it up!

Title song is by Silversun Pickups!


Mr O said...

This sounds interesting. You may have convinced me to give it a try.

And thanks for posting a SP song. I went back and am listening to that EP now :)

Allison said...

Another book I haven't read. Hmm, maybe I'll add it to my long list of books to read this summer.

Jeanette said...

@Mr. O: Do it! It's a good read. And no problem Silversun Pickups are great!

@Allison: Add it! What other books do you have on your list.

Allison said...

My list is long - but next up is "This Book is Broken" by Stuart Berman. It's about Broken Social Scene.