Sunday, June 13, 2010

(30) Days of Me: Day 16 [Don't Take the Girl]

Today's challenge is a song that makes me cry, the first song I thought of was Halloween by Meg and Dia, but seeing as I have recently talked about that in this post, I started thinking of other songs that make me cry. The next song that came to mind was from a very long time ago, when my mom was still deciding what I listened to and she decided COUNTRY.

This song is by Tim McGraw, called Don't Take the Girl, it still makes me tear up a bit, but I remember it used to make my mom and her friends cry so bad that they would sometimes pull the car over until the song finished.

Such a sad song, so pretty though. Probably the reason I still have faith in some country music... SOME.


Mr O said...

Can I admit I know every word to this song?

And that this post is kind of a coincidence when you see mine. Kind of.

____j said...

AWW! THIS is a sad song. I remember hearing it on the radio ALL the time when I was little.

Krystal said...

yes, this song give me a lump in my throat without fail...even years later - it's so good! i wonder if this was back when country music was good or if i just liked it more then?

Lola Lakely said...

I've always thought true country songs (not pop country) were pretty sad. I know it's a complete assumption on my part but it seemed like the only ones I ever heard were incredibly depressing.

Jeanette said...

@Mr. O: Still laughing about our laughing about this earlier.

@____j: yeah it was everywhere... am I going to see you Friday?

@Krystal: haha it was definitely better back then, 1 billion times better.

@Lola Lakely: Yeah they are! It's like they purposely want to make people cry, what gives?!

Allison said...

Mr. O & Jeanette: I love that you both chose country songs.