Tuesday, June 15, 2010

(30) Days of Me: Day 19 [I'm Awesome]

Alright, I couldn't think of what to write about for this day of talents so, I'm going to list it up and just give you a bunch.

1) I'm really good at finding new bands, like not in the conceded "I'm so indie I'm better than you way" but, I am really good at it... for example, the Spouse that is the title track for this post had well over 20 plays by the time I heard it on the radio. Like a boss.

2) I can play guitar, I'm not amazing by any means, but I'm alright and can totally learn the songs I want to and play em to impress people. Remembering them, now that's another story.

3) I'm pretty good at drawing, not just like doodling something amazing, but if I'm looking at a picture or an object I can draw it no problem.

4) MATH, I'm not just good at math, I'M AWESOME (see what I did there), but seriously, it's the reason I chose my major and after making it through Calc 4, I'd hope I'm good at it.

5) I have an uncanny ability to remember actors names, characters, and quotes from anything I see... my friends all think it's weird, and while it's definitely not useful it's always good for winning the name game.

6) I'd classify myself as mildly athletic, I can usually hold my own in most sports I try. And I'm great at others (cough cough golf, basketball, soccer cough cough). I REALLY want to join a roller derby team like whoa, I'd love to get to just plow people over for the hell of it.

7) It's not so much a talent as a "I-Love-To-Do-This" But I love to build things, I wouldn't call it a hobby, but if I ever get the chance I jump at building things. Sidenote: My tool kit is awesome, B&D, 150 piece... like a BOSS.

8) Last "talent" of the day is my ability to drive a manual transmission, aka a stick shift. My second car was one, and I know a lot of people have this ability, but I think it's a good skill to have haha.

Sidenote, not related to talents, I'm in Atlanta for my cousin's wedding and got the chance to meet up with Mr. O for the evening!! Proceed with the jealousy... it was good times, and one of the best music talks I've had in a while (going to Coachella was talked about). Plus I got to have chicken pesto pizza, delicious!


Allison said...

Hope you had fun!

1) I feel like I'm good at finding bands too - but maybe I just think I am but I'm not really...

2) I wish I could play guitar.

3) I'm a better painter than drawer.

4) I suck a math.

5) I'm good at this pop culture thing as well.

6) I'm mildly athletic as well. I seriously entertained the idea of joining a roller derby team.

7) I am not good at building things. My mom bought me a tool kit for christmas - it's pink for Breast Cancer.

8) I added drive stick to my list of things to do.

And lastly - jealous of your Mr. O hangout.

Krystal said...

Fun to learn about you more!
I totally am proud of being able to drive stick shift. I just need to practice going up hill!
And you can put that it's Friday in your statuses because you don't do it every week. This other girl...does it every single week!!! Actually, i think she does it for every day

Mr O said...

I have to agree. You are awesome.

I had no idea you had these many talents. Makes me feel that more lame :(

Jeanette said...

@Allison: I think you are! and you could totally learn guitar! Wouldn't Roller derby be great! haha and the hangout was good times as well as productive!

@Krystal: yeah I used to avoid hills but it got better. haha I don't know if I've ever been much to announce Friday, although that would be annoying!

@Mr. O: Thank you! You have talents! We just need to figure them out! From what I hear Rock Band is a talent.