Saturday, June 26, 2010

(30) Days of Me: Day 26 [This Week The Trend]

Oh man, it's actually been quite the long week now that I'm looking back at my Twitter to see what I did haha. I'm going to do a list for this post, even though the directions are to give my week in great detail, here we go.

1) Drove to Georgia and back for my cousins wedding, it was beautiful and her and Michael are both amazing.
2) Sold my Warped Tour ticket because it conflicted with my move... this will be the first Warped since 2003 I don't attend. Sad, but happy to move.
3) Saw Toy Story 3 in IMAX teared up quite a bit.
4) Worked 5:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. everyday, sucks.
5) Got addicted to the show Pretty Little Liars.
6) Drove home to Paw Paw.
7) Saw Knight and Day, decided I'm cool with Tom Cruise again.
8) Bought concert tickets... makes up for missed Warped Tour.
9) Started the ball rolling on something I'm pretty excited about, I'll keep it a secret for now ;)
10) Saw Karate Kid and loved it. I kind of want to see it again... right now.

That's about it for my week, doesn't seem like much when I put it that way haha. Hope you all had exciting weeks!


Allison said...

I'm also jumping the gun to comment. I have no life and I'm sick on this lovely Saturday night.

You saw three movies this week? Jealous.

I just watched "She's Out of My League" it was pretty funny - a bit cheesy and contrived at the end - but movies like that always are.

Have fun at the concert and good luck with your move. Send me your address when you get settled and I'll mail you a letter :)

Allison said...

*I'm ALWAYS jumping the gun...

not "also" - sorry, I'm on cold meds...I'm using that as my excuse.

Mr O said...

I feel like I know what the secret thing is. Maybe?

I still need to see TS3 and I'm surprised that you liked Karate Kid that much. I'm not hating, I just didn't think it would get that much love.

Jeanette said...

@Allison: Lol FEEL BETTER! Oh my gosh I love Jay Baruchel... mmmm he's my favorite canadian haha. Will do!

@Mr. O: Nah, you know of a different one, but not this one haha... oh my gosh go see Karate Kid.

____j said...

Glad to see that someone other than me is watching PLL. Now maybe I'll have someone to talk to about it ;)

Jeanette said...

@____j: Yes! Well there are a few of us on Twitter if SOMEONE wouldn't have given up so easily... we discuss it all after the show haha