Sunday, June 27, 2010

(30) Days of Me: Day 28 [Jaded (These Years)]

Oh my gosh, today's topic is my year in great detail, thing is... I can't really remember everything that has happened this year. All I do know is that I've had a great year.

1) I graduated!!! I mean I'm a college grad, it's crazy!
2) I got into USC which is even crazier.
3) Met with two bloggers, Lola and Mr. O, it was awesome.
4) Went to a bunch of concerts.
5) Spent time with those I love.
6) Had a lot of fun.

I hope you're years have been just as amazing. What is something really cool you've done this year?


Allison said...


I went to Ottawa and saw Parliament in January. I also went to the National Gallery of Canada.

Um, I went out with awesome friends! Drinks and laughs a-plenty!

I discovered new and awesome bloggers such as yourself.

I took an online course that actually sucked - big disappointment...

Had a really fun St. Patrick's Day that ended with me and my friend eating chips at a gas station while waiting for a cab.

I started my Etsy Shop and had one sale!

Ummm...that's the first half of the year...

Jeanette said...

@Allison: what's in the national gallery of Canada? And I'm so glad we found each other! Oh man. I love st. Pattys day! Where's your Etsy shop (URL?). We've got to make the second half even better!

Allison said...

The National Gallery has tonnes of art from all over the world - but I didn't get to see it all (my parents didn't want to stay too long, they get bored by these things). I saw some famous Canadian peices (Group of Seven stuff etc.) But I also saw some great contemporary stuff like Jackson Pollack, they had a Picasso I believe. I loved it. I definitely need to go back to Ottawa (in the Summer - it was freezing there in January).

My Etsy is here:
I just reactivated a few items that expired. I need to make a few new things though.

Yeah - cheers to the second half of 2010!

Krystal said...

and you're going to have a fabulous rest of the year!
THANKS FOR YOUR CARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! such a fun surprise.
my cool thing of the year is just living here. that about tops it!

daily mix LA said...


Jeanette said...

@Allison: The second I have extra money, I'm going on your shop.

@Krystal: Thanks! and I'm glad you got the card And super jealous you live somewhere awesome!

@Daily Mix LA: Thanks!