Saturday, July 17, 2010

Yeah Yeah Yeah

Look at me, I haven't posted anything after that whole 30 days thing ended. My life has been a whirlwind of trying to get stuff tied up and get all of my stuff packed up. And then there's the very important event that occurred a short 2 days ago and that is that I got my kitten! Now here's the real kicker, I can't decide if Tonks is the right name for her, Jaime was right. So for the last two days she's been wandering around with no name, I'm now deciding between Tonks, Maeby, and whatever name I come up with at any given time... I should decide soon though.

In other news I'm moving in a short 8 days!!! I will try to update on the road we'll see how that goes haha. I am trying to avoid reading reviews of Inception until I see it, I promised someone I'd go with them so I have to wait until Monday. Last night I went to see The Sorcerer's Apprentice and I was pleasantly surprised. I only went to see it because A) I couldn't see Inception and B) It has Jay Baruchel, but it was actually pretty decent. I'd definitely watch it again. Anyways, my whole life right now is just a bunch of packing and organizing. I hope you guys are all having an awesome July! The summer is flying by.

Title song by the New Politics, I'm really digging their cd.


Krystal said...

It IS flying by, I can't even believe how sad it makes me! :( Enjoy your last days in michigan!

Mr O said...

Classic Mr O style comment:

*I can't believe you didn't see Inception and I can't believe I missed your call to talk about it. But it was great. And I know Leo was the star, but while I watched I was thinking "This Levitt is really gonna be somebody." I really feel like in 5 years we are going to look back on these movies and fondly remember when to most people he was just "that guy from that movie." (I realize he has been in the business since 3rd Rock and 10 Things, but you know what I'm saying).

*Is it bad that I'm excited for you moving to Cali? It's gonna be awesome.

*You should hold a contest to name your cat. Though I would pick Maeby.

*I have heard good things about the New Politics cd. I believe you giving it a thumbs up solidifies that I need to hear it for myself.

Allison said...

Well you know my vote for the kitty's name...

I want to see Inception too - and it's weird because I don't normally go see movies like that. I presently have no one to go with and a busy week ahead of me...Oy.

Good luck packing and moving - I'm glad your back to blogging!

Jeanette said...

@Krystal: I hope your first summer in Switzerland is amazing! Thanks for the well wishes.

@Mr. O: 1) I have now... mmmm JGL, my love. haha But yeah I think he's gonna be big if he wants to. 2) Nope, I'm excited too. 3) haha I think I'm picking Maeby. 4) Definitely check it out, you'll enjoy.

@Allison: Hahah yes Allison, I think I'm picking Maeby. Definitely go see it, and don't ready anything about it... because it's awesome. Thanks!