Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Decisions, Decisions

As you can probably tell by the title I am at a crossroads. Right now I'm trying to figure out whether or not to go to grad school at this point in time. You're probably thinking "But Jeanette, didn't you go to California for the explicit purpose of going to grad school?" And the answer is yes... kind of, I used grad school as my way out, I knew I wanted to move out of Michigan and get around the world and getting into grad school in California was my way out.

Where I'm at right now is this, I can go to grad school and be fine with that, but I would end up taking out 72,000 in loans on top of what I have right now. That's a whole bunch of money... like a house in Michigan.
And I love Engineering, but it's not my only interest, and I could totally be happy in a lot of jobs, and I feel like if I spend all this money getting this degree I'm going to get trapped doing that for the rest of my life to justifying spending all that money.

Another thing, obviously USC is a great university, I could not go, focus my energy on getting an engineering job, if that's what I decide, and then get them to pay for me to get another degree.

I don't know, growing up on the poor side of things make me so hesitant to go 72,000 into debt if I'm not 100% committed. I feel like I'd be better off making money and getting my existing debt paid off, and work on saving money to help my mom out.

The thing that's stopping me right not is that I came out here on the pretense that I was going to USC and I feel like I'm just going to disappoint everyone if I don't go. I hate feeling like a letdown. Ugh, I have two interviews tomorrow, we'll see how they go.

I guess the main thing that would make this decision easier would be knowing what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. So that's what I'll ponder tonight I suppose. Sorry about this whiny post haha I hate blogging all about me and my struggles haha.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Had to go with this song for the blog post of course. GOOD NEWS I'm finally mostly settled in in Cali. Here's a quick recap of the trip.

Sunday: Left from Paw Paw at 5 after a short crying session with my mom, grandma, and Maria. Made it to Missouri, stopped at the hotel.
Monday: Made it into Oklahoma, our least famous state in America, had to pay two $10 tolls, AND my car broke down and cost me $900 to fix.
Tuesday: Waited for the car to get fixed then made it into New Mexico.
Wednesday: Drove all day and made it to my new house at 10:30 p.m. All of my awesome new roommates helped me unpack and Maria and I immediately passed out.

Now you're probably thinking "Jeanette, at that point you surely slowed down to take a break." and you would be incorrect. Thursday we unpacked some and drove around then went to dinner with Brent at an awesome restaurant called Stout. Although I have quickly realized my directional abilities are quite lacking haha. We stopped over to Josh's house and watched some live music. Friday, Maria and I went to the beach and I swear to God we weren't there for more than an hour but I got so burnt. We then explored some more, went to a three story Wal-Mart, so that was pretty awesome. After that we had some dinner and I dropped Maria off at the airport then headed back to my place to quick get ready to go meet some friends at a bar. After the bar I had my first In 'n Out Burger experience, it was delicious. Even though I was already super burnt I went to play whiffle ball in the park yesterday for a few hours. Good times were had by all, although my whiffle ball skills are not up to par, I'm much better at various other sports. Today is the first day I've had to just sit and relax, I'm trying to get caught up on this time change.

I need to start looking for some jobs so I can start paying off the extra charges I incurred on this trip. But even though I've been so swamped I definitely feel this is the right move. The roommates are awesome, my new friends are AMAZING to hang out with, I've had nothing but good times. I still get the weird feeling that I'm not being 100% myself yet, but I'm having a blast. I feel like once I get a job we'll be good and then I will start school and life will be good.

Also other big news coming soon... a little secret project between Mr. O and I, get pumped!