Friday, September 3, 2010

Black Sheep

So..... it's been a while, eh? I'm writing mostly at the bequest of Angie, but also since it's been quite a long time. I feel like every time I say I'm going to write more it gets longer and longer between posts. Not intentionally, but life has been crazy.

I didn't realize how much of a cliff hanger that last post was for everyone reading. Since that post I decided to defer my application (No school this semester) and I really feel like I made the right choice. Since middle school there's been constant pressure, sometimes unbearably so, get good grades so college is paid for, keep up my GPA so I can get a good job or go to the best school. Once I made the decision to not go to school this semester it was like a weight that I didn't even know I had was lifted. Instead of doing everything right to make those around me proud I finally have some time for myself to figure out what I want in my life and the type of people I want around me.

I've come to the realization that, really, I'm young, and have plenty of time for everything, I have my whole life. I've also realized that good people are a lot harder to come by out here in the big city. And I'm not just saying that naively like "ohhhh, people from the country are so much better, and nicer," just speaking from past experiences of being in a new place (college vs. Los Angeles) the people I'm meeting here, while older, and presumably more mature, are much less emotionally mature. I get the feeling I can't relate to a lot of people, like they have never, or will never, experience the kind of things I did.

Anyways, as far as a life update, I was unemployed for a bit but got a job at The Sweet Rose Creamery. It's in Brentwood, which I'm told is the swanky celebrity filled area, and based on my few weeks of employment I can attest to that having served several, including one of my heroes, Judd Apatow and his family. All of the people I work with are awesome, some great friendships will come from this I'm sure. I also made it through all three rounds of interviewing for a position at Apple, which would be amazing, so wish me luck in the selection process! So overall I'm doing great, this month is going to be cutting it close on rent, I've had to become a shut in except for work so that I can hope to get enough for rent since I just started working 2 weeks ago. I wish my Paypal would just magically decide that it wanted to give me $300.00, it'd be oh so kind of it.

Let's see what else, OH!!! Go see Scott Pilgrim vs. The World if you haven't already, AMAZING! Also awesome is the fact that James is the coolest person ever and got me a pass to go watch a live taping of Big Bang Theory in a few weeks, it's going to be so much fun! He is working really hard to make me think that the people out here are cool haha! I've been so psyched for weeks about it. For other news I'm going to resort to a list of cool things that have happened:

1) Hilarious drunk guy at In-N-Out proposing due to my "beautiful" eyes, so funny.
2) Co-worker get together that led to some of the funniest quotes ever, but the kind you had to be there for.
3) Fantasy football team turned out okay, mostly thanks to Erik
4) Won tickets to a free show at the legendary Roxy Theatre, went to said show, it was cool.
5) Went to the beach a few times, got my tan on haha.
6) Saw this guy at the grocery store lol.

7) Video chatted with many friends.
8) Talked at a bar with a dude from the show Memphis Beat.
9) I think that's about it besides hanging out and learning the city.

Anyways, I seriously will try to update more, but I feel like I'm constantly on the run, can't complain though! Sorry I've been uber-crappy at commenting, don't hate me! I'll be back on my game soon. Thanks for sticking with me! By the way, the title track is a Metric song, redone for the Scott Pilgrim movie, just to give you a taste of it's epicness.


Allison said...

Welcome back to blogging and such!

Seems like, so far, LA's been kind to you.

Krystal said...

yayyy i miss your blogs. i was even going to email you to stalk you about what you decided about school. :)