Sunday, September 19, 2010

My Medicine

I'm quickly becoming a huge fan of The Pretty Reckless, check out the title song.

Just as I predicted, I said that I would write more and then I didn't, what can I say, life is crazy... but in a good way. Was anyone else way bummed by the True Blood finale, it wasn't very exciting to me, not exciting in the least. In think in the interest of making you not read forever and ever I'll give you guys another bulleted list, here goes:

1) Started a bi-nightly running routine with Nikki that lasted exactly one night, go us!
2) Caught up on all 3 seasons of Chuck and developed a deep, undying love for Zachary Levi.
3) Went to the beach with all the girls from work, realized I can still do cartwheels.
4) Fell in love with "Marcel the Shell with Shoes on" YouTube it... you won't regret it.
5) Hmmmm what else?..... OH YEAH I GOT A JOB AT APPLE! WOOT!!
6) Won tickets to Perez Hilton's "One Night In Los Angeles" ended up in VIP with all the reality show stars having free drinks watching an awesome concert.
7) Got my very first parking ticket out in front of Bonnie Hunt's house, stupid street sweeping.
8) Taylor Swift came into work haha
9) Went to a live taping of The Big Bang Theory, it was quite the experience, they screened the season premiere and it was hilarious.
10) Saw the preview for "Catfish" now I really want to see it, along with "Easy A"
11) Birthday partied it up!
12) Watched MSU pull off the most amazing overtime play to get the W!

All-in-all life is great, I'm super excited to start at Apple and it's a huge opportunity. I hope you're all having a blast! Where did the summer go? Seriously though, how is it almost October?!?


Mr O said...

For a second I was like, "wait, did I miss her birthday?" I had to go to the book to check, but alas, I didn't.

I'm hearing a lot of talk about this "catfish" movie but never heard of it before then. Is it an acceptable review if Drama from Fantasy Factory said it was disappointing on twitter?

Look at you, being in California for months and already name dropping celebrities ;)

I think you should do a picture post. But that's just me...

I watched that entire game (after the nail-biting Auburn game that is) and that was crazy how MSU just took the victory like that.

Good luck in fantasy today!

____j said...

I'm living vicariously through you. LOL Glad you're having fun and staying busy.

Allison said...

There is so much awesome in this post I am jealous! BBT is one of my favourite shows - so triple jealous about that.

Jeanette said...

@Mr.O: Nope, it was a friends bday, Yeah I'm not sure, the preview looked good, I figured it'd be bad... like Paranormal Activity. haha right! I hope you got my message that I saw Rivers Cuomo today. I could do a picture, but I actually haven't taken many, I've been failing at it. MSU Rocks.

P.S. I love your comments.

_____j: Thanks! Feel free to visit!

@Allison: Oh it was so good! Come visit, we'll go.

for the love of pictures said...

The TB finale was a letdown to me too. Hopefully the show will come back stronger next season.

Glad to read that you are having such a great time :)

Lola Lakely said...

Deep, undying love for Zachary Levi? Tripple Check.

Honestly, Chuck is perfect. He's geeky, sweet, and he wears Chuck Taylors. Weaknesses of mine.

I miss you terrible Jenzie Benzie!

Eric Boff said...

Catfish, was CRAZY! She just HAD to be from Michigan... lol