Monday, January 3, 2011

Children of Divorce

Don't worry I haven't forgotten about you, I've just been so busy! It's weird saying that because thinking back I can't even remember what I've done! It's been a combination of working, hanging out in LA, and trying not to drown in the torrential rain.

So many good memories made, I was a shakeweight girl for Halloween and the costume wen't off spectacularly. We went out in West Hollywood and everyone was cracking up at my costume, plus it was a super cheap costume as it was mostly exercise clothes... and then a shake weight.

This was my inspiration ... gets me every time.

In other news I got a puppy, but she was really sick and needed lifelong care that I couldn't provide, so I gave her to a family that could care for her better than I could. It was super sad I've taken comfort in petting every single dog I see.

I went to a 24 hour sushi place against my better judgement and it turned out to be a great decision. Saw Harry Potter opening night at midnight and it was amazing as always. I went to San Diego, aka a whale's vagina, not once, but twice. Had some great holiday dinners despite being away from home, due to the complete and utter awesome-ness of my friend Julia. Her and her family were amazingly kind to my orphan self. I don't know what I would've done without them!

The best part about the last month was that my mom visited for a whole 8 days and it was so much fun just hanging out with her and showing her around my new home! It's weird that you don't realize you miss people that much until you don't see them forever, we had a blast though, and I got to see so many movies with her. 127 Hours (AMAZING), Black Swan (EXTRA AMAZING), Burlesque (Entertaining, but cheesy as hell), The Tourist (Pretty good, at least the ending), and Tangled (DEAR GOD I LOVE ZACHARY LEVI). It was super sad to see her go, but also not terrible since I worked over 40 hours a week since she left.

I also got introduced to the best site ever it's called and it is SO FUNNY. Check it out right now. I also got really bored one day and cut and dyed my hair haha, I shouldn't have days off or I do irrational things. I also got the chance to see Unwritten Law for free and that was amazing, loved them for a long time and it was such a good show, thanks to Olivia!

Sorry for the short update, but I have to work tomorrow and then it's two days off for my birthday then one more day of work then heading to San Francisco with Julia! Hope you're all having an awesome New Year!

Celebrities I've seen and/or spoken to: Emily Procter, Marcia Cross, Arnold Schwarzenegger, David Archuleta, Charice, Joel McHale, Denise Richards, Tony Shaloub, Helen Mirran, Shia LaBouf, Nick Swardson, Milo Ventimiglia, Ashley Benson, Gary Oldman, and Emma Roberts, among others.