Thursday, February 10, 2011

Teenage Dream

Uh ohhhhh, it's that time of year again, Valentine's Day. The time of year that people in a relationship love and single women fear. Well... some single women, I happen to be *mostly* oblivious to the holiday. That's not to say it doesn't make me think. I'm fine with my currently single status, but I do love to go out on dates every once in a while. I'm also not ruling out a relationship. This kind of babble is what Valentine's Day does to me, it doesn't make me bitter about my relationships or lack there of, but it does make me reflect about where I'm at in my life and what I want out of it.

While going through this years reflections I realized that I'm at a different spot than I thought I would be when I pictured my move to California. I pictured moving out here, getting an adult job, finding a great guy that I enjoyed hanging out with. Someone that would make me cheesy mixes of indie songs and someone I could make some awesome ringtones for (the first, and cheesiest of which would be the title song to this post). I wanted to be able to go to the beach and cuddle in the semi-chill, but mostly warm weather. Wow... all of this seems ridiculous as I'm typing it. How earth shattering, a girl feeling all left out CAPTIVATING! Phffft enough of that.

Anyways, the past two years of Valentine's Days we've had a big blowout for couples and singles alike, but this year no such luck. So either one of two things will happen 1) Someone will ask me out for a romantic dinner of In-n-Out between now and next week or 2) I will go drinking with some other single schmuck and call it a night. I'll keep you guys posted. I was having this discussion with a guy at work the other night that guys actually have it really easy on V-Day, all they need to do is put it a decent effort in (i.e. dinner and a movie, a good enough conversation) and they pretty much are getting lucky lol.

This was such a random post, long days at work and lots to do when I get home leads to this. Also it leads to me seriously debating cutting off a few inches and going blond, or red... or maybe darker. I just need a change. OOOO and P.S. I talked to Amy Adams today and she was an amazingly genuine, nice person. So all in all, life is good.


Liz said...

Valentines Day is so silly. I feel like it is more hyped up this year than usual and it is stressing people out. I am in a relationship, but I'm not celebrating. Actually I have a dentist appointment. Liz Lemon style.

____j said...

We're not doing anything big this year, and I honestly like it better that way. WAY less pressure! But I hope you have a good day, regardless. If you were HERE [or atleast in reasonable driving distance] I would try to set you up ;) hahah

Allison said...

The only person who buys me valentine's day stuff is my mom. I look forward to that actually - but as for the holiday itself...last year I drank a bottle of wine and talked to a guy I know over facebook chat. I think I may have told him he was my valentine.

This year I'll be having a grand old anti-VDay time at the pub on quiz night. My quiz boy can be my anti-valentines.

Mr O said...

For some reason, I would not have expected that second paragraph from you. It was nice to read though ;)

I would totally take you to In-N-Out. We could split a strawberry shake if you like those.

And you should have asked Amy Adams to be your valentine. I would have.

Jeanette said...

@Liz: Yeah it totally is haha. OH MY GOD, I love that you used Liz Lemon as a style.

@___j: HA! Thanks for the thought! Any thoughts on naming the baby Jeanette? lol

@Allison: Lol maybe I should just get drunk and hit on people lol. At least you have quiz night!

@Mr. O: lol I like to surprise people! And I would love to split a shake. I don't think Amy would've went for it. Also they tape the Soup on a Thursday, so let me know what Thursday you'll be here.

Shannon said...

I personally like V-Day even though I'm single. There's never a bad time for chocolate!

Lola Lakely said...