Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Starring Role

Is it bad that the main reason I'm writing this is to tell everyone to go get (legally or illegally) the new Marian and the Diamonds album "Electra Heart" IT IS SO GOOD. The song that I've titled this post after "Starring Role" is so great, I cannot stop listening.

After I got to the page I realized it's been so long since I've blogged that the entire layout has changed?!? What the eff? I don't know how to hyperlink my title anymore, is that not possible? Anyways, I wanted to pop in and talk about how crazy the connections we in the blogger world can form are. Recently, a fellow blogger/twitter/facebook friend came to stay in LA for the weekend and we had a blast, and throughout the weekend it occurred to me how some of my actual real life friends have made little to no effort to visit since my move and yet, here was a fellow internet-er who came and had a wonderful time in Hollywood-land.

And I got to thinking about Mr. O, who knows me better than 40% of the actual people in my everyday life. And Lola Lakely who I love more than most of the alcoholic beverages we consume whenever we hang out. And Jamie, who, God bless her heart, mails me more cookie filled care packages than my own mother. These connections we form are so strong, and while I was thinking about it, I realized it's because online we can be SO SELECTIVE, we basically form these tight knit groups of people who are just like us, and who like the same things. And fuck me if that isn't the most genuinely awesome thing! That something people accuse of making our generation so "distant" can bring us some of the most awesome relationships. I fucking love it, and love those of you who stick around for my random ramblings. 

Since I can't figure out the hyperlinking in the title, here is Starring Role!

P.S. I really am trying harder and wanted to clear out the blogs I wasn't following so much and find some more awesome ones to follow and form some connections with, PLEASE, put some suggestions in the comments for people you think I'll love!


Allison said...

I know what you mean! I just went through a terrible break up and guess who stepped up and asked if I was okay? My blog friends. I had a surprising outpouring of support it was crazy.

for the love of pictures said...

Thanks for introducing me to that song. It's stuck in my head now; and thanks to my replaying it, my coworkers will be saying the same at the end of the day :)