Saturday, October 27, 2012

I'm Not Your Hero

WHOA, so been a while eh? I forget about this blog often but then events happen that remind me why I should never forget about this blog and especially the people that I met through this blog. But let's quickly recap (gasp! Shall we include photos!) what has happened since my last post (bigger GASP! in June (eek!)

1) I got to be a bridesmaids in one of my best friends weddings. I don't think there's any kinder person in the entire universe and I'm blessed to know such wonderful people, [hint: this will be a recurring theme, so if you're not in the mood for happy happy joy joy you better quit reading right now.] The trip was amazing, I got to see friends and family and really be reminded of where I came from, AND! I got to try on a superbowl ring, which is always fun. Look! Here's a photo!

2) After I got back it was work as usual for a bit and then I got to work the MTV VMA's as part of the stage managing crew and it was an amazing experience. I got to help set up for an awesome show and meet tons of awesome people and watch some great performances up close and personal. I got to talk to Rebel Wilson again and make some awesome new friends whilst getting paid! Talk about living the dream. (Look! Another photo!)

3) Took a trip to Santa Barbara, went to Disney with friends, sadly that was for a going away shindig. Birthday parties and a new roommate. It's been a whirlwind. 


I met Tegan and Sara, for anyone who's read this blog at all I'm sure you know how awesome this was for me. I found out they were playing at Conan and asked my friend there if she could do anything and oh boy did she pull through. She got me into rehearsals! WOOT! Then got me a VIP pass for the show! YAY! Then told them about me, so they invited me backstage! WHAT!?!? After talking to them for 15 minutes Sara invited me to come join the contest winners before their show at the Staples Center and listen to new songs before they're released! RIDICULOUS! I still can't believe how crazy life can be. And of course, here's a photo of that. 

4) As if that wasn't enough of a reminder as to how great life is I then got to take a trip to NYC with an amazing friend and meet up with more badass people while on vacation. I started by meeting up with a friend from MSU who was kind enough to let us stay at her place (thanks Lauren!) it was awesome to get some Spartan spirit back in my life. A few days into the trip I met up with my friend Julie Klam (who just released her new book! [which is amazing])! My friend Charlotte (who is amazingly talented!) and my love LOLA (most of you are familiar with her badassness). I got to see some ex-coworkers, and meet up with my friend Sarah and tour Julliard and take in a show. This trip was amazing and getting to jam this many friends into this short of a time made me realize how extremely fortunate I am to have awesome people in my life. Lola in particularly, when we stayed with her was such a welcoming presence into my life right now. I'm currently going through having a friendship end (not because I wanted it to) and I have no idea actually why it's ending. It's really upsetting to me to lose a friend. Being an only child my friends are my family. So having someone like Lola (who I met through blogging) be just an incredibly wonderful human being means so, so, much. Photos from this entire trip can be seen at

5) Now I'm back in LA waiting for Halloween and trying to prep my costume and try to not let this new found lack of a friendship bother me, I just wish I knew if it was my fault, something I'd done. 

On that note I'm going to leave you with this song, which was one of the songs we heard on the bus with T&S. I'm Not Your Hero

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