Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Big Ass Purse

FeBLOGuary Day 19: what's in your bag

This question varies drastically on my weekends vs. workdays, but since today is a workday, let's go with that. I take a backpack with me to work because I'm carrying notebooks and papers and stuff all the time but in general here's a rundown of what you can find in my bag:

iPad mini
Headphones (2 Pairs: Skullcandy aviators, and v800i in-ears)
Various chargers
Multiple chapsticks

I'M READY FOR ANYTHINGGGGGG, also these photos make me look so much more hipster than I actually am. And on the weekend my purse is just as packed. Here's a song in honor of that the incomparable Reggie Watts ladies and gentleman


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mattokarmus said...

You meant to say "not as hipster as I really am"