Friday, February 14, 2014

Somebody Sweet to Talk To

FeBLOGuary day 14: what am I attracted to

I mean looks wise, I'm more the nerdy, bookish type than the all american guy, obviously, based on my choice of Jay Baruchel.

That being said, the guys I've dated have varied quite a bit in the looks department because I'm a bit more concerned with a few other things. 

FIRST: Humor
If you can't make me laugh, get out of here. I can't stand being in a relationship where there's no humor, I don't get how people do it! I will lose interest almost immediately. 

Straight teeth are a huge factor for me, I honestly don't know when I picked it up but I cannot stand crooked teeth. Nope, can't do it. 

THIRD: He must read
I gotta have a guy who reads, I don't think there's much of an imagination without that. Plus I wanna geek out over books together!

Keeping this short today, mainly because those are the big three and also, I'm so sleepy!!

Happy Valentine's Day ya'll, hope you have Somebody Sweet to Talk To


mattokarmus said...

The teeth one may put a damper on our backup plans...

And do magazines count if not books?

Allison said...

I always said that being funny and a reader was important to me - and it still is. This is perhaps why my ex and I were mismatched to begin with. He wasn't funny and he didn't read. I will be more selective in future matches.

I'm also attracted to passionate people. People who are good at something and love it some much that it becomes their whole being. Two guys I've had things for in the recent past have been musicians (I know, the WORST) and chefs. But I'm kind of a hypocrite here because I'm basically directionless.