Saturday, February 15, 2014

Let It Go

FeBLOGuary day 15: your biggest regret

Oh man, biggest regret. I guess that would have to be.... you know, I honestly can't think of any HUGE regrets, obviously I have them, the times I should've told a guy I liked them, the times I've yelled at my mom for no reason, the hangouts I missed with great friends. But nothing like LIFE ALTERING (knock on wood) yet. I don't know. I also try not to dwell on regrets, because there's literally nothing you can do to change them and I'd rather not overthink it and just try to move on or make it right. 

That's all we can really do in life right? I actually recently had one of those first situations I mentioned (when I should've told someone I like them) tell me he regrets that as well. I mean it's crazy that we were both too, I don't know... for me I guess shy, to let the other person know how we felt! If either of us had it would have been completely different. That's the kind of thing that bugs me, and something I definitely need to work on. 

Don't judge me ya'll but this movie was great and I'm totally gonna use a Disney Song!

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