Sunday, February 2, 2014


FeBLOGuary Day 2: post a picture and the story behind it

Day 2 WOW, I'm on a role. Today's blog prompt was to post a picture and tell the story behind it. It was hard to choose a photo, but I eventually landed on this one. It's nothing fancy, just the door to the office that I've spent so much time at the past three years.

 When I first moved to California for grad school and then decided not to go, I really had no idea what I was going to do. Then one fateful day I met a woman that would change my life. She offered me an internship in her office. I spent the next 2 years interning as many days a week as I can and it presented so many opportunities to me. I went to London, I worked on several amazing projects and eventually got hired full time. I have so many memories from this office and learned so much. It also gave me the opportunity to FINALLY go to London which, I have to say I would love to live there, one day, when I have more money. 

I honestly can't even imagine what my life would be like without this office, and these ladies. It has truly been life changing and I'm forever thankful. It was an incredibly hard day when I had to leave the office to move to a new one, but I truly believe I'll be back someday and it will be better than ever. 

For today's song I chose Jaymes Young's "Moondust" just because it's raining and this album is the perfect rainy day album, you can get it for free on his sound cloud so CHECK IT OUT his voice is magical. 

Is anyone else feeling the 'get a career' blues? I'm so scared I'll fuck it up! Ahhhh!

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mattokarmus said...

I still remember you going to USC and then the ol switcheroo.

I'm glad to see things are going well for you. And that I can get texts about Nelly.