Thursday, February 6, 2014

My Humps

FeBLOGuary Day 6: celebrity crush of the same gender

Let me start by saying that I think this topic and tomorrow's should be a list instead of just one (I might just include one at the end, because it's my blog and I can. BUT if I have to pick just one female celebrity crush to focus on I'm going to go with... 

I mean, how could you not love her. I find her career to be fascinating and admirable. I mean after leaving SNL and the success of Bridesmaids, girl could've done whatever she wanted. Trust me, jobs were being thrown at her. But she was super picky with projects, and while I didn't like some of them *cough cough Girl Most Likely cough cough* she has been on an absolute role between Secret Life of Walter Mitty and Spoils of Babylon which I cannot get enough of. She's smart and funny and just amazing. 

BEST OF ALL tomorrow I'm going to a screening of Bridesmaids with a Q&A with Alanis Morissette and none other than Kristen Wiig, which I'm sure will drastically increase my crush on this lady. 

And because I can't resist, HONORABLE MENTION LIST:

  • Kat Dennings (I mean, she's funny and gorgeous, what's your question)
  • Tina Fey (duh)
  • Amy Poehler (double duh)
  • Tricia Helfer (this is the geek in me)
  • Brigitte Hjort Sorensen (She's incredibly nice and speaks both Danish and English better than I speak English)
  • Abbi Jacobson (This is fairly new, but if you're not watching Broad City, you're wrong)
  • Lake Bell (just google Lake Bell and try to question this, plus she writes and directs, you've got to be kidding me!)
  • Miranda Hart (I don't think a show has consistently made me laugh more than her's, let's hang out forever!)
  • Tatiana Maslany (She's the best and I can't even believe she exists as a person)
  • Kate McKinnon (Fun Fact, we once passed her in NYC and circled back around pretending to be lost tourists just to see her again)
  • Iggy Azalea (She's just the badest fucking chick alive, I can't even.)
This list could go on and on... in fact it did, but I cut it down a bit, to save you all. Basically, (and this goes for both sexes) if you can make me laugh, I'm yours. This is the bad thing about working in casting, I have too many people floating around in my head to pick just one (unless I have to). It is helpful though when I've met someone and they've been a dick, they'll get off my celebrity crush list real fast. 

For today's song I'm going with Alanis Morissette's cover of "My Humps" because I'll be seeing her with Kristen tomorrow, WOW that ties this post up real nice. 

Do you guys agree? Who do you love?


Allison said...

When I was contemplating doing this blog-a-day thing with you guys I knew exactly who I would pick for this one...Christina Hendricks. She's my spirit animal. I adore her in every way - and please don't tell me you've met her and she's a dick, I couldn't bare it. I basically buy every single magazine she's on the cover of like some crazy teenager.

That's cool about the Bridemaids screening - I'm living my own VERY real version of that movie as I prepare to be in my brother's wedding. Why Alanis? Was she on the soundtrack or something?

Also, I thought you would pick Tegan OR Sara - or both.

mattokarmus said...

I was almost positive it was going to be Tina Fey, so I'm glad to see she was named third (I know it wasn't technically a ranking, but still).

I would like to hear more about celebrities who you changed your opinion of.

Jeanette said...

OH MY GOSH ALLISON! How did I forget T&S! I'm not entirely sure why Alanis is there. She had a total of zero things to do with that movie. But i'm excited none the less. I've actually never talked to Christina, I've been at like after parties with her but never spoken, so I'm not sure what she's like!

Matt: I know it's tough, but Kristen just gets me haha. I have so many changed opinions it's ridiculous. One day we'll have that discussion.