Thursday, February 13, 2014

Nasty Habits

FeBLOGuary Day 13: your worst habits. 

My worst habits, man, I'm sure I have a lot of things I think are normal but that incredibly annoying to people. 

One of my worst habits I've successfully stopped doing and that was biting my nails. I'd been doing it since childhood and have finally kicked that habit THANK GOD. Although now my nails are all weird and short from too many years of that. 

Uhmmmm what else, I talk a lot, and I'm fully aware how annoying it is and wish I could stop but I'm a total interrupter, like if you're telling a story and I just get too excited about something I'll totally interrupt. Although, I'm working on trying to stop that, so if I do that to you, yell at me!

I mean bad habits that annoy me specifically, I could definitely work on my sleeping/eating habits to become a healthy normal adult, but that seems like a lot of work, I'll get around to it eventually... maybe. 

This is a terrible subject, it's making me depressed haha, so I'm going to stop and wait until another day and another subject. Enjoy this song in my absence. 

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Allison said...

I interrupt too. I feel like a dick when I do it and can tell the other person is annoyed I cut in. I need to try to be more patient and let people speak.

I need to eat better too. I've been very good about being more active by joining a fitness centre that I love...but I need to get better on the food side of things. I think meal planning is a big part of it. I never really think ahead about what I'm going to eat so I go for what's fast and easy. I need to be more proactive about this. Add more fruit and vegetables to my diet.

I know it seems like a depressing topic, but I think it helps to write down the things we want to improve about ourselves. It helps us grow.