Monday, February 10, 2014


FeBLOGuary Day 10: that show you hate watch

I don't really know what show I hate watch... I mean there are definitely shows that I know are terrible, but they're entertaining to me so I don't really care what other people say haha. I guess the only show I hate watch is Grey's Anatomy. Mostly because I feel like I have to watch because I've made it this far, but I wish it would end. Although the last few seasons have been pretty decent, so I was back to being hooked. 

I do watch way too much TV for my own good though, I mean I can get away with it, because "it's for work" but I really should cut down. In any given night there's like at least 4 shows. Ridiculous. But it did make for a great fucking comic con because so many of my shows had panels! 

What are your favorite shows? What can't you miss? 

Today I'll go with one of the most fantastic bands Sunny Day Real Estate's 'Television'

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