Sunday, February 23, 2014

Thank you for Being a Friend

FeBLOGuary day 23: talk about your siblings

By conventional standards, I don't have any siblings, but I definitely have a sister. I met Alison on the bus on the way home from the first day of kindergarten. I asked her name, she ignored me and played with her dinosaurs, I gave her my phone number, she ignored me and played with her dinosaurs, I said bye, she ignored me and played with her dinosaurs. 

But later she called me and my mom took me to her house to play. Her brother pushed us down the basement stairs in a little tyke car and she got out and hit him and they both got a time out. The rest is history. I saw almost everyday, she knows more about me than basically anyone. Even though we went to different colleges and I moved across the country, whenever we get back together is like no time has passed and we pick up like we just saw each other yesterday. 

She's the person I can call at anytime and vice versa. 

She is my person. The End. 

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Allison said...

Lifelong friends are the best because you can literally do your own thing for three years and then get back together like you saw each other yesterday. Social media helps, of course.