Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Where the Lines Overlap

FeBLOGuary Day 26: your favorite blogs

Well FOR STARTERS: Mr. Matthue Okarmus's blog, he kindly agreed to do this challenge with me because he is both a gentleman and a scholar. I met this fine fellow through blogging back in my blog-intensive days and now that I know him in real life he's even greater! This guy ya'll... this guy. 

Also from the good 'ol blogging days: Ms. Allison, she almost did this challenge with us, but decided against it, but she has been a loyal follower and she sends the funniest postcards, including my favorite one that just said Almost Canadian.

A newer follow for me but someone I've also met in real life: Mike, If you're into music check it out, or you know, if you're just into cool people. We got to hang out in San Francisco at a Tegan and Sara and fun! show, that was truly, fun. 

There are so many more, but I do love all of these beautiful human beings and therefore you should too. 

Today's song.

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Allison said...

Awe...thanks :) Sorry I bailed on the challenge.